Buy a Vapour Recovery Unit that’s Efficient and Reduces Pollution, Too

As a distinguished provider of vapour recovery solutions, TankSafe offers a revolutionary combination of a roof-mounted condenser unit and heated storage container to provide impressive results such as improved total liquid recovery and emission reduction efficiency. Additionally, these well-built models help to cut back on the visual plumes and odours common to glycol dehydration unit facilities.

Furthermore, these vapour recovery unit offerings rely upon the temperature of ambient air, along with the capabilities of the condenser unit to reduce pollution such as carcinogenic benzene emissions. This vapour recovery unit prevents spills as well, with help from the patented containment area. Since the secondary container integrates smoothly with the primary tank, there is less fuel and energy required to keep the tanks heated properly, as well. Saleable condensate recovery increases, too. In fact, company statistics indicate that their condenser products are capable of producing a total liquid recovery of 1.3 BBL per day, with 40 percent of that amount ending up as saleable condensate.

Embrace convenience by using these products that don’t require any seasonal adjustments, and also do not contain moving parts, except for the selected level gauge. This type of engineering cuts down on the amount of time you spend doing maintenance, and keeps things running more efficiently throughout the year.

Since 1998, tests from third party laboratories have consistently demonstrated that TankSafe Inc. products are more efficient, economical and environmentally responsible than some other available options. Fulfil your vapour recovery and glycol dehydration unit needs today by choosing a BTEX vapour recovery unit from TankSafe Inc.