Design Difference

Since our inception we have continuously innovated and optimized our patented product designs to offer the simplest, most efficient and safest field operation. Every aspect of TankSafe product is explored and scrutinized for improvement opportunities.

The result of this process is reflected in the following key features available with our products:

  1. Quality level gauge system. Featuring all stainless steel internal float, float cable, and guide cables. Optional sour configuration and with integrated level switches.
  2. Patented integrated 110% secondary containment. True useable 110% containment offering highly efficient heating, insulation and physical tank protection.
  3. Overflow valve assembly. Allowing overflow into secondary containment (if equipped) in emergency situations.
  4. High performance chemical / corrosion resistant internal linings. Premium brand linings to suit every application.
  5. Closed cell, high density, urethane spray foam insulation. For efficient, durable, and long lasting thermal protection.
  6. Patented heating system. Utilizing explosion proof catalytic (gas) or electric indirect or direct product heating.
  7. DUAL side entrance manways. Allowing convenient access while maintaining true secondary containment.
  8. Elevated base assembly. For uniform heat distribution and/or simple under floor inspection.
  9. Attached utility cabinet or building. For containment and protection of piping, valves, pumps , instrumentation and equipment.