BTEX Condenser Units

TankSafe’s patented vapour recovery assembly provides an effective, economical and environmentally responsible means for BTEX emission reduction, saleable condensate collection, odour control and visual plume curtailment at glycol dehydration facilities, larger tank vents, or other low-pressure vapour streams.

The integral combination of TankSafe’s heated Storage Tank with a roof mounted condenser is an industry proven product that has been tested extensively by third party laboratories since 1998.

This testing has consistently demonstrated the following average results:

  • Benzene emission reduction efficiency of 90%
  • Total BTEX emission reduction efficiency of 93%
  • Total liquid recovery efficiency of 99.7%
  • Total liquid recovery of 1.3 BBL/day (avg. 40% of which is saleable condensate)
  • Total flow (total emitted volume) reduction of approximately 60-70%

Standard Size: 50 BBL (8,170 L) – 200 BBL (32,910 L)